White Paper Writing for the Busy Company

White papers have long been a firm fixture in the toolkit of many marketers. It enables a company to show expertise to an information hungry group of potential consumers. But are they still effective in an environment where social media information comes in bite size chunks?

Sure people want their information in small, easy to swallow pieces, but there will always be a need for much more detailed, authoritive information. Surely this should be your company that provides this for your research visitors? If your company works in the B2B environment you will find that your potential clients often spend a considerable amount of time researching a subject area before they commit to purchase.

If you are in a technical or professional services field a White Paper is almost imperative. Do not try and shoe horn production into your content management scheme. Instead think how your ideal client will think. What do they want to discover? What problems are facing them? Can you find some solutions? Does your company offer these solutions? Of course it does but you need to subtly show this, after all this is not a marketing pitch, it is a piece of well researched technical writing?

Most White Papers are from four to six pages long, have a number of headings and sub headings and delve deeply into a subject area. They are meant to show that your company is an authority on the subject matter. It might also raise a few questions in order to start debates, introduce some other research or discuss recent trends.

What if you want your technical guys out there earning a living rather than writing white papers? Well first of all ask them, they might be so fascinated by their technical environment that they would like to write about it, they might even be flattered by the request. If this is not possible then ask them to jot down a few parameters and “needs to haves”

Now find a competent write that has both technical and white paper skills. Do not be tempted by cheap rates as these people will do some basic research and dash off a light weight document. You need something well researched and well written and that takes time and skill. After all this White Paper will be representing your company’s technical abilities so it must be detailed and correct.

Give the writer details of your subject matter and the scope and “needs to haves” that your technical staff have produced. Ask them a few questions about how they will approach the writing. Ensure that you are satisfied that they will do a great writing job.

In a few days you should receive a well researched White Paper that goes deeply into the subject matter. Now is the time to publish on your website or offer it as a download for those that sign up to your news letter.

If you wish you can also produce a blog, which is a much lighter document of about 500 words, introducing the White Paper. This will pique the interest of the reader and lead them into your White Paper.

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