Technical Writing

Describing the complex for the potential buyer

Technical Articles, White Papers and Manuals

Technology has always been a complex subject to understand and it is rapidly changing with new products coming on line all the time. It is a hard fought market and technical companies are trying to differentiate themselves from hundreds of other businesses. They need content that the general person with little IT or engineering skills can understand.

My years of consulting have given me the skills to explain concept ideas, logically and politely to people in a way that they can easily understand. I never talk down to people, instead I lead them step by step through the complexities, building pictures and injecting a little humor to make learning fun and interesting.

White papers need to be a little more complex as they need to appeal to the more experienced and curious potential customers. Manuals are different in that they are intended to assist the unknowing in knowing about how to operate or use an item, software or service. I have written many manuals for all types of peoples at all skill levels.

My MSc Marketing and Management has provided me with key skills in social media, digital marketing general marketing, management and business that are up to date and in depth. I have been in IT since it was first invented, and yes I am that old! I find technical articles, white papers and manuals fun and interesting to write and I believe that this joy shows in my writing.

Biz Guru Technical Marketing

White Paper: These highlight your company’s expertise and are show great detail on a technical subject. Often highlighting new trends, concepts and/or features. It is intended to be an authoritive discussion, helping the reader understand a solution to a problem or understand an issue. I will research your subject area, finding a new angle on the subject matter and then write a six page white paper for you.

Technical Articles (4): Posting these on your web site an on selected technical article sites highlights yours company’s expertise. These are complex to research and write but I will write four of them, each about 1,000 words. This will provide you with a month’s worth of posting.

Biz Guru Technical Marketing