Prices and Payments

Please choose and pay for the documents that you would like us to write for you from the table below. Please remember to tell us your subject matter and any keywords you have when you make your payment.

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Item to Write Rate Per Pay or Contact Us
Articles $30-45 1,000 words Contact Us
Article Pack $140 10x 500 words [wpecpp name="Article Pack 10x500 words WriteAndCorrect" price="140.00" align="center"]
Article Pack $275 10x 1,000 words  [wpecpp name="Article Pack 10x1,000 words WriteAndCorrect" price="275.00" align="center"]
Bidding Documents $30-45 Hour  Contact Us
Brochure $275 2 pages [wpecpp name="2 page Brochure WriteAndCorrect" price="275.00" align="center"]
Business Plans
- Budget Business Plan $950 ($500.00 deposit) Plan [wpecpp name="Budget Business Plan Deposit WriteAndCorrect" price="500.00" align="center"]
- Small Business Plan $1,250 ($650.00 deposit) Plan [wpecpp name="Small Business Plan Deposit WriteAndCorrect" price="650.00" align="center"]
- Investor Business Plan $1,799 ($1,000.00 deposit) Plan [wpecpp name="Investor Business Plan Deposit WriteAndCorrect" price="1000.00" align="center"]
- Angel Business Plan $3,999 ($2,000.00 deposit) Plan  [wpecpp name="Angel Business Plan Deposit WriteandCorrect" price="2000.00" align="center"]
Business Cases $40-50 1,000 words Contact Us
Business Proposals From $250 Document Contact Us
CVs and Resumes From $95 Document Contact Us
EBook (5x7) $150 7 pages  [wpecpp name="7 page ebook WriteAndCorrect" price="150.00" align="center"]
EBook (5x7) $200 10 pages  [wpecpp name="10 page ebook WriteAndCorrect" price="200.00" align="center"]
EBook (5x7) $300 15 pages [wpecpp name="15 page ebook WriteAndCorrect" price="300.00" align="center"]
EBook (5x7) $400 20 pages  [wpecpp name="20 page ebook WriteAndCorrect" price="400.00" align="center"]
Manuals $30-45 Hour Contact Us
Marketing Plans From $450 Plan Contact Us
Marketing Strategy $495 Document [wpecpp name="Marketing Strategy WriteAndCorrect" price="495.00" align="center"]
Marketing Writing(brochures etc.) From $125 Document Contact Us
Presentations/Training Courses $10$45 - 60 Slide1,000 words Contact Us
Presentation Special Business $150 10 Slides, 1,000 Word Document  [wpecpp name="Presentation Special 10 Slides WriteAndCorrect" price="150" align="center"]
Presentation Special Business $225 15 Slides, 1,500 Word Document  [wpecpp name="Presentation Special 15 Slides WriteAndCorrect" price="225.00" align="center"]
Presentation Special Business $300 20 Slides, 2,000 Word Document [wpecpp name="Presentation Special 20 Slides WriteAndCorrect" price="300.00" align="center"]
Product Descriptions $30-45 1,000 words  Contact Us
Proposal Writing Fixed Price Provided When Details Provided  Contact Us
Social Media Profile $150 1,000 words [wpecpp name="Social Media Profile WriteAndCorrect" price="150.00" align="center"]
Technology Articles $40-50 1,000 words Contact Us
Technology Manuals $45-60 Hour Contact Us
Technology White Papers $50-70 1,000 words Contact Us
Translations Varies by Language Contact Us
White Papers $40-50 1,000 words Contact Us
White Paper Special $150 2 pages  [wpecpp name="2 Page White Paper Special WriteAndCorrect" price="150.00" align="center"]
White Paper Special $325 4 pages [wpecpp name="4 Page White Paper Special WriteAndCorrect" price="325.00" align="center"]
White Paper Special $500 6 pages  [wpecpp name="6 Page White Paper Special WriteAndCorrect" price="500.00" align="center"]
White Paper Special $700 8 pages  [wpecpp name="8 Page White Paper Special WriteAndCorrect" price="700.00" align="center"]
Other Writing Fixed Price Provided When Details Provided  Contact Us