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No company should begin marketing until they have a full understanding of their aims, objectives and challenges faced in this process. Social media is a great place to market your products but it has to be done right first time. The marketing plan I write for you will be well researched and personal to your company. I will try and suggest innovative cost effective promotional methods.

With growing competition it is now ever more difficult to market your business. Biz Guru’s Marketing offers a perfect solution for your company’s growing marketing needs. Our Biz Guru Marketing services consists of:

Telephone Marketing Strategy

To get the best from your marketing budget, it is best to decide what products and services you wish to sell to whom, where and how. Your Marketing Strategy will address how you can position your company in your market, differentiate yourself from other companies and how you can market your business.

To provide support, ideas and input to your marketing strategy, we spend about an hour on the telephone with you. During this consultation we will discuss your business, your products and services and their market. The consultation is two way and we encourage you to discuss marketing matters that concern you and ask questions of things that you do not know. As an experienced business consultant I will seek to provide answers to your marketing questions. We are not lawyers so are unable to provide legal advice.

At the end of the consultancy, you will have a clearer idea of your marketing ideas and what you wish to sell and to whom. We will have the information needed to produce your marketing strategy. We are proud of our experience and are happy to share with you decades of practical experience. We will write and then email your Marketing Strategy to you for future reference.

Telephone Marketing Strategy


Biz Guru Marketing Pack

It is important to have a series of documents to hand out to interested potential customers, suppliers and journalists.

Press Release:

To obtain maximum exposure for your business or a new product or service that you have, we will prepare a Press Release combining key word rich information about your company. The press release will be one page in the required format. We will suggest a quality service that we use ourselves as we believe that you deserve the same quality. This will get your newsletter send to 1,000’s of press officers.

Press Hand Out: 

If a journalist contacts you to ask for more details about your company or products, it is handy to have a hand out to support your press release. This provides the journalist with more information from which to write an article about your company. This press handout will be about 1,000 words and expand upon the press release.

Proposal (B2B): 

Even though you may deal mainly with customers, there is always the opportunity to obtain a contract to provide goods and services directly to a company. These kinds of contracts provide regular work for a company and are highly sought after. This proposal will be approximately two pages and introduce your company and products too a prospective buyer.

Hand Out Brochure (B2C or B2B): 

This two page brochure can be bi-fold, tri-fold or in the same format as this brochure. We can write it for B2B or B2C potential customers. It will be a valuable hand out when networking or a download from your website. It will be provided in MsWord format and PDF format. The later is suitable for printers and website download.

Biz Guru Marketing Pack