Business Writing

Vital to acquire and close new business

Businesses always need writing be it a business plan or a proposal to seek new projects. However there are also smaller documents that need to be produced.

Proposal (B2C): Often when approaching a potential client, they need a short one page proposal. It should include details of your company as well as your potential to solve  consumer problems. This proposal will be one page long and introduce your company and/or product line to a prospective customer.

Proposal (B2B): Even though you may deal mainly with customers, there is always the opportunity to obtain a contract to provide goods and services directly to a company. These kinds of contracts provide regular work for a company and are highly sought after. This proposal will be approximately two pages and introduce your company and products too a prospective buyer.

Hand Out Brochure (B2C or B2B): This two page brochure can be bi-fold, tri-fold or a one page brochure. We can write it for B2B or B2C potential customers. It will be a valuable hand out when networking or a download from your website. It will be provided in MsWord format and PDF format. The later is suitable for printers and website download.

LinkedIn Profiles: are important in business networking.  We will work with you to produce a stunning overview of your personal capabilities.

Presentations and Training Courses: I have written numerous training courses and presentations and can write you a stunning PowerPoint based course or presentation complete with supporting documentation.

Manuals: Whatever your product, be it technical or a household object, I can probably write the manual for you. I enjoy making the difficult and complex seem easy.

Translations: In this fast, multi cultural world commerce takes place in many different languages.  I work with a team of translators and would be happy to manage your translations for you.

Contact us for all your business documentation requirements.