Business Planning

Business Plans, Business Model Canvas, Pitch Decks

Business Planning

Business plans are vital for a business, not only to raise money from investors but also for planning and strategy purposes. Business visas often require a business plan, as do many grants. Many people try to find business plan templates or software programs but nothing beats the skill of an experienced business consultant. I can help you plan, strategise and conceptualize, turning your thoughts into words and hopes into reality.

Whether you’re a weathered business man or woman looking to restructure your organization into an efficient, well-oiled profit center or a novice upstart looking for some direction and the all important capital, Biz Guru is here to help you with your business needs. Biz Guru prides itself on utilizing the latest research to deliver you the best Business Plan possible at affordable prices that will fit into your already tight business development budget—we understand because we too were once an upstart in the past and we can assure you that an investment in a sound Business Plan is the foundation for a successful business in today’s competitive markets.

Biz Guru’s trademarked 5D Business Planning Process ensures that from start to finish, we work with you to establish a strong and viable business structure.

  • Discuss your business ideas and aspirations at your convenience
  • Discover your business market, rivals, potential customers etc. through brainstorming sessions
  • Develop your business ideas collectively, making researched recommendations—ultimately, generating your business model
  • Design an eye-catching, unique business plan tailored to your market
  • Deliver your business plan to you promptly so you can penetrate your market quickly and achieve your targets

We pride our Business Plans on being investment viable, providing a firm foundation to your new business that investors recognize as a potentially profitable business. Furthermore, we consult with, advising you on how to best establish and market your company, identifying various opportunities within your market. We often recommend specifics to add into you business plan to give your company the best possible chance to succeed. Plan to Succeed with Biz Guru.

We have a unique business planning process.

Biz Guru Business Planning Brochure

Budget Business Plan: suitable for a start up business or one that is intending to borrow less than $1m. Information will be collected by our trade marked data collection forms. $950

Standard Business Plan: suitable for a start up business or one that is intending to borrow less than $1m. Includes telephone interview and is more detailed that the Budget Business Plan. $1,250

Business Model Canvas

A business plan is vital to the survivability and sustainability of a business, especially to those that are just starting, as these usually acts as guideposts for businesses to follow, specifically during the stages that a business is struggling. So it’s important for companies to have a good business plan that they can lean on, especially for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

However before you get to this point you need to design your company and this is where your Business Model Canvas comes in.

So what is a Business Model Canvas? Its main purpose, as the name suggests, is to define and understand your business model – in other words the structure of your company, how you will find and deal with your customers and where you will find them.

It is a superb business tool that helps you understand your business in an easy to understand and structured manner. It shows your company on one page. It deals with your value proposition – in other words what you are offering potential clients and customers and how your company will profit from its activities. The business model canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder, of Strategyzer and his graphic is below.

What the Biz Guru is offering is a 1 -2 hour phone consultancy call to discuss your company with you with the aim of producing your own Business Model Canvas. Before the interview, we will send you full details of what will be discussed as well as your own graphic of the Business Model Canvas. After the interview the Biz Guru will write up your Business Model Canvas as well as important notes from the consultancy interview.



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Pitch Deck

Standing in front of an investor is frightening enough, without the knowledge that you are ill prepared. Investors, especially the good ones, get thousands of funding applications every year and see just a few of these potential companies. Do you want to be one of the failures? Of course not, so be properly prepared with a succinct, interesting and to the point pitch deck. Note the word, succinct. This is the time when more is not better. Investors want to see that you have planned out your business so well and know it intimately. Conventional wisdom states that a good pitch deck should be 12 slides long and certainly no longer than 15 slides with the last slide being the way forward and contact details. This is not the time for “death by Powerpoint”. You are not out to bore your potential investor but enlighten them as to how you make a success of your business with just a little more funding.

Our service consists of the following:

  1. A 1/2 to 1 hour Skype call to discuss your business, its hopes and plans for the future.
  2. Reading your business plan or providing you with an information form to be filled out in order to provide specific information.
  3. Our researching your market place, competitors etc.
  4. The production of a 12 page pitch deck in MsPowerPoint, with a template that suits your business.
  5. One round of changes as required.
  6. The option of providing pitch notes if required.
  7. We can also provide you with a unique, especially produced template if required

Biz Guru Pitch Deck