Articles and Web Content

Enlarging your Google footprint

With the race to the first page of Google and the need to build links to your web site, quality articles and blogs have become extremely important. Gone are the days when you could rewrite poorly written PLR or throw up a low quality fluff piece. Google now penalizes poor quality articles. Similarly when people will only purchase when they see compelling web site copy.

Article writing is one of the hottest ways of marketing your web site and products BUT like all things in internet marketing you have to do it right to get results. I understand SEO, link building and the need for articles, blogs, ebooks and web copy that are interesting to the viewer and search engine friendly. I will thoroughly research the subject you give me and find a new angle to write about whenever possible. The copy that I write will be interesting, compelling and often tinged with a little bit of humor.

Article writing is one of the best ways to ensure that your company is known and recognized as an authority on your subject. Let me write your articles for you.

Customer Contact Marketing Special

Keeping in contact with your customers is vitally important and in this pack we provide a number of different methods:

Articles (10):  

Article writing is one of the best ways to ensure that your company is known and recognized as an authority on your subject. We will write ten, keyword rich articles for you to submit to major article directories. You can also use these articles on your web site as well as split them and use them in your newsletters. The articles will be from 550 – 750 words in length, totally new and written just for you.

Press Release:

To obtain maximum exposure for your business or a new product or service that you have, we will prepare a Press Release combining key word rich information about your company. The press release will be one page in the required format. We will suggest a quality service that we use ourselves as we believe that you deserve the same quality. This will get your newsletter send to 1,000’s of press officers.

Company Newsletters (10):

Equipped with a set of or ten newsletters a company can educate, entice to purchase, and retain their customers. They will outline the company’s current focus while allowing its readers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your vision and product line. Soon after researching your company we will provide you with a set of ten newsletters that can be used to send to your mailing list. Each newsletter will be about 300-500 words and run in a series.

Biz Guru Customer Contact Marketing