Article Writing – 10 Ways to Get Your Get into the Writing Mood

Article writing is not as hard as it can seem sometimes – you do need to be organized and disciplined though. Here’s our to do list to help you.

  1. Set yourself a realistic deadline to finish the product. Consider writing more than one article at once and setting a set day each week or month dedicated to article writing.
  1. Pick a subject for your article that you are not only proficient in, but also enjoy. It helps when it all gets too much for you, to at least enjoy what you are writing about. It makes it easier and faster to write the article as well.
  1. Make sure that you thoroughly research your subject and market and have a clear idea of what you want to write about. Visit forums, undertake search engine searches and get an idea of what questions people are asking and what they are looking for. Jot down all your ideas in a dedicated notebook.
  1. Always have a pen and pad handy – that way you can jot down things that come to you before you forget them. Ideas often come when you are relaxing or just about to fall asleep. Don’t forget to collect all your notes together.
  1. Ensure that you have all your research and notes to hand and in one place. Keep a special folder on your desk or PC to hold all your research and work to date.
  1. Make sure that you have a defined working place in your home or office that is clutter and interruption free. If you have to think hard and follow a long train of thought – it is best done without interruption.
  1. Sit down, relax and map out your thoughts and ideas in order to get some structure into your thoughts. Start with a list of ideas and build them up to a structured document. Try putting down bullet points and then expanding your ideas from these. Consider writing more than one article if your notes make this appropriate. Most articles are between 350 – 1,000 words.
  1. Ensure that you have all the software that you need to produce your article. Also identify about 3 – 5 major article directories to submit your article to.
  1. If it all gets too difficult or confusing – then stop and go and have a break or start again next day.
  1. Don’t forget to go back and check and refine your writing as you progress. Check your progress and work so far with someone that you trust.

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